Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Quilted Belt

This is my quilted belt - the accessory item for my City and Guilds second year work. I used a purchased buckle and photographed vegetable seed packets and used vegetable patterned fabric. It is basically stitch and flip quilting with the photos printed on fabric. Never made a belt before but it went together reasonably well. Halifax Market sold me the buckle and belt petersham, so there are still people out there making their own belts.

Tea with Clarice

This is a close up of the quilting before I tied off and sewed in the tails!

Well - I can't seem to find out how to turn this round - new computer programme!! Anyway- this is Tea with Clarice made for my City and Guilds Second year. It's the wallhanging and (obviously) based on Clarice Cliffe pottery = I used motifs drawn from a selection of her pottery and drew a shape of one of her teacups and put the motifs on. Some pieces are pieced and some appliqued and all is machine quilted. It is approximately 1 metre by 1 metre.