Monday, 26 March 2012

Three more page views.....

.... and I will have 1000 page views since I started this blog.

I'll have to have a free giveaway next week to celebrate!  Watch this space!

This is going to end up as a quilted bag!  it is circles folded into squares with a different piece of fabric and wadding as the square. Tinkerbelle is holding some of the pieces down so they don't run out the door!

There are three left to do.

Bought this postcard at Tate Modern of a Gees Bend quilt

Fabric bought from Quilting Antics - it's very cute, not sure what I'll make with it yet.

I love London fabric bought on my trip to London from a stall at Stitch and Craft at Olympia.

Bought from Quilting Antics

For £1 tombola ticket you get a random mystery piece of fabric - this is red and green with cherries on......

... and this one is red and green with cherries on too!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Dyeing Workshop..

No, it wasn't like the Retirement Workshop I was sent on at work....

The dyeing workshop was run by Hazel from  Cotton Cocktails .  Thanks, Hazel, for a very exciting workshop.  The workshop was suitable for both beginners and the more experienced dyer - some people had brought threads to dye too and different cotton fabrics.  In the afternoon Hazel showed us how to dye silk scarves in the microwave - I didn't do that because its not very vegan.... but it was fascinating to watch and the other course members had terrific results.

We started with one of the primary colours in the cups, then added another to it....  We used magenta, turquoise and lemon yellow.

This was pink shaded, adding more water to each dye bath to make it lighter....

Here's me cutting up fabric....

I folded these two pieces into little wads and added colour

These were tray dyed - soaked in fixer first then drops of colour added

Rinsed, washed and hung out to dry





This was folded into a wad and yellow and orange added

Tray dyed

Tray dyed

tray dyed

I tray dyed some turban cotton

This was pulled from the centre and string tied round then dye added in stripes... love the effect

This was folded into a wad and pink and turquoise added

This was rolled into a bun shape and yellow green and pink added - the green was a pale lime and doesn't show up much

yellow dye in a cup then turquoise dripped down the sides

ditto, but with magenta dripped down the sides

These are all the gradations of colours from the cup dyeing.  Four spoons of the primary colour in the front cup then three, two and one in subsequent cups and then one two and three spoons of another colour added to the next cups......

Three shades of pink

Thursday, 8 March 2012


.... Did I show you this quilt earlier?  I made it at a workshop last summer (or was it the summer before??).  It now has a border and is layered up and partly quilted.  Hoping to get it ready for the Imperial Quilters show in April, but it needs handing in on Monday!

And this is the back view...
And here is another quilt that I started many many years ago - it is still waiting to be finished off!

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Friday, 2 March 2012

Two Jelly Rolls

The top one is H's and the one on the bottom is mine....
Let's show you what H did with hers.....

H cuts her strips

..... and sews them - perfect quarter inch seams here....

First block...

Second block

More blocks

And now to fit all nine in a pleasing layout

Finished quilt top

All layered up H just pinning the layers together ready for quilting..... she's not actually - she's cutting the backing fabric!!
My jelly roll

Such cute colours it will be a shame to unroll it....
The jelly roll unrolled!
One block ready

And another one

All nine squares ready for the next step
A little dotty gift for Dot....

And the back....

Finally got the suduko japanese quilt layered up and ready for quilting

close up of centre block

and the corner....