Sunday, 30 September 2012

better pictures... more fabric

here is a better photo of the rainforest quilt - you won't need to stand on your head to see this....

on the left is the river and the orange stripy bit is a snake and above that is a leaf and the toucan's tail...

here is the toucan's head and beak and above is a dragonfly
Too cute to leave on the shelf at Embsay Crafts on Friday

After seeing a jelly roll quilt made by a friend of a friend I decided I could justify buying this Christmas fabric jelly roll from the Quilt Museum in York yesterday.  The jelly roll quilt is called 1600 inches, or something like that... there is a pattern on the internet on missouri star quilter blog.

Friday, 28 September 2012


Remember the rainforest quilt I started over a year ago?  Well.... I have done a few more bits to it - here is an update...

Sadly I now have a new import manager and the photos which I turned around are not turning round on here - oh well - back to the drawing board

I have done a toucan, a snake a dragonfly and a few more leaves... I will wait until I have finished all the pieces before I join them all together.
Yummy fabric from the USA - thanks DS and DDIL
couldn't resist these on a trip to Embsay Crafts today!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

mmmm fabric!

3 cats for a special project

No I don't ever buy Christmas fabric....


.... but it was too irresistable!

And a Gillian Travis fabric flower kit too

got a subscription to Quilt Modern

Even nicer Christmas fabric

Well I finally got around to posting photos of the stuff I was tempted with at Festival of Quilts.