Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cheeky Cat!

Cat borrowed my chair this afternoon, so I couldn't do any more of my little quilt!
In December we were given four pieces of fabric at Imperial Quilters and the challenge is to make a 'spring' quilt with them and only adding two other fabrics. (See Tuesday 27 December 2011 blog).

I bought a copy of this last winter - recommended by DIL and had a plan to make a wall hanging for the kitchen...
These are some foundation pieced table mats in the book.....

So as you can see the patterns are quite large - the cereal bowl and jar are both 4-1/2 square and the jug is 9 inches.
We need to do a hanging less than 15 inches square for the challenge ..... so I had a plan to do each square 2 inches. (well as near to two inches as is possible with metric squared paper!)  I couldn't reduce the patterns, so I started with squared paper and just drew them......

I did the tea cup first, then the jar and sewed them onto two x 2 inch plain squares.... this whole piece measures 4 inches square.

This morning I finished the milk jug.  It was my second attempt, because the first attempt was drawn wrong.  This is 2 inches x 4 inches.
And this afternoon - I will be doing some more.  I thought I had another week to finish this, but having turned over the page in my diary it will need to be finished and delivered somewhere on Wednesday evening - ready for hanging on Thursday.  So that leaves today!!!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

London Quilt Exhibition Workshop

I went to a Quilt exhibition by the London Quilters at Swiss Cottage Library on a recent visit and they were running workshops for quilting techniques.  What fun!  Spent the day there - and I missed the rain too!

This is quilting - the designs were drawn out for us.

This is Cathedral Windows.

That reminded me of a Cathedral Window wall hanging I made ages ago..... using Japanese fabrics and a Sashiko style of stitching around the motifs.  It was hung up under the stairs - can't see it there - think I'll keep it in the kitchen for a while!

A few close ups - my darling son bought me the tassle for Christmas many years ago - it looks good on here.

My bag with Japanese folded patchwork squares is coming along nicely - it is partly sewn together.  I saved some for the Calder Quilters meeting, so I would have some hand sewing to do.