Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Cat on a quilt...

Tinkerbell had a lie in this morning....

On my Internet Quilt - one of the first I made  - a complete shot is on my website - so called because I got the idea of sewing strips onto paper and used printer paper cut into squares for the blocks.  And added a bit of free motion quilting.  It was made from offcuts of clothing fabric that I had used to make skirts for myself and shorts for my son.

Monday, 26 December 2011

A Seasonal Blog

Happy Christmas USA or Happy Boxing Day England.....

Little S made this foundation pieced bookmark from his mum.  Hope she liked it!

H made this for her Dad and she then made another one for her mum, but I forgot to photo it.

Big S made this for her mum.  There are some lucky mums around this year!

And I was lucky too, because I treated myself to this book after seeing it on a blog.

And another little book too.

Thanks Jackie for the quilting notebook!

Thanks to Auntie P and Uncle G for these lovely lavender sachets.

Thanks also to Auntie P and Uncle K for the recycled denim fabric notepaper

Three new pairs of scissors - really cheap £2 for all three - the expensive pair that I had self destructed the other week!

Christmas stitching

Tinkerbell doesn't seem to be bothered that this quilt is unfinished.  It still needs binding, but then I did start it for Christmas 2009, and quilted it 2010 and will take it to my mums tomorrow to trim before binding.

She's helping make the Christmas wall hanging.

Stippling with random holly leaves.

And here it is finished - not easy to take a photo of it when I haven't put a hanging sleeve on yet.
Imperial Quilter's challenge fabrics - make a spring wallhanging using these fabrics and adding no more than two others - to be displayed at the April Quilt Show.  The purple one has the same pattern as a green one that both me and my DIL liked and I bought some when in Atlanta in October.... so I think I'll have to add that.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Team Textile and other stuff...

I have a few things to show you today.....

Georgia Mug Rug - made for Lesley to advertise in South Square Craft Shop......

The back...

cute cups and jugs with matching spots - bought the fabrics at a new shop near Northampton a while ago and can't remember what it was called or where it actually was!

Little old fashioned tea cups

fruit and veg

apples and cutlery - bought these fabrics in Atlanta

the back.....
At Embroiderers Guild, we were given a shape and asked to make a double sided decoration out of any media - so here is my crazy quilted star in white with beads

Close up of the machine Embroidery

More close ups

yet another view - we had to put our star in an envelope and write the colour on the outside and swap with another member - I have a green one to open, but will save it until nearer Christmas - watch this space.....
Team Textile - now consists of three quilters - two female and one male - these are our mini quilted bookmarks from Left to right - big S, H, mine and little S - first time little S has ever been and he did enjoy himself and worked very hard to get this far.

H did some quilted stars using her favourite machine stitch....

.... and she added some sparkle to the meadow!
Team Textile is a name I suggested to another group I belong to - but sadly no one liked my idea - so I have decided to call my little quilting group Team Textile - as they are all textile apprentices and it sounds such a topical title - If you don't live in UK and watch The Apprentice, then you probably won't appreciate the link!