Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A home for a lion...

... is here at my mum's underneath the lion perfume bottle.

Poor little lion only had a piece of old toilet paper to sit on....

... and now in regal splendour he sits on his very own lion quilt.
Unfortunately I got it WRONG!!  The lion was actually looking after a small piece of toilet paper that my mum used to use for putting spiders out and then recycled it again.  Oh well she can hide it under the lion quilt now!!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Too late to blog?

Its half past 12 and I need some sleep - but first I had to finish my lion quilt.

What? you may ask, do I want a 6 inch lion quilt for at this time of night? 
ALL will be revealed tomorrow!  Well later today, actually.

Sunday, 11 September 2011


While remembering that day 10 years ago I was reminded of a fabric I bought in October 2001 at a store in Placerville CA that was raising funds for a firefighters charity by selling off old fabric with images of the earlier New York skyline.

Great Northern Quilt Show 2011

Well Travelled at the Great Northern Quilt Show 2011 - Three of us from the group had completed our quilts - I'm not sure about the legalities of showing other people's work on here, so I won't!
This is now complete and ready to be a charity quilt to be donated to the Forget-Me-Not Trust, a local children's charity.
The start of a small quilt which will have log cabins and flying geese to teach my two students some different techniques.

H and S have made a good start on their project!
...and here is a log cabin quilt I made for Tom using blue fabric.  It is the first real bed quilt that I made - probably about 10 years ago.  The fabrics used are ones that I made his clothes from and some Laura Ashley too.  It is wadded with polyester and tied.
I started this at a Barbara Slee workshop many years ago....

..... and now is the time to finish it!