Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Nearly done...

My mystery quilter has done some more quilting!  She has stitched in the ditch on some pieces and a little way from the edge on others.  And has put the first part of the binding on.......

........next lesson will be sewing the binding!

In case you were wondering -Well Travelled was completed last night (after FIVE hours of hand sewing!) and delivered to Harrogate this afternoon for the show, which is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This photo is a bit folded - all will be revealed on Sunday when I take a photo of it hanging at Harrogate....

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Minnie Quilters....

Two little friends came to visit on Friday for a quilting day..... check out the fabulous quilts they both made.  We found them on this web site www.pippawardman.weebly.com .  Pippa is the young quilters rep for the Quilters' Guild and she has set up this site for young quilters; check it out - there are some lovely things to make on it!  Unfortunately I didn't have any time at all to find a gecko button, but I'm sure I'll be seeing Magi's African fabric stall in the not too distant future.

H is 13 and is quite an experienced machinist now.  She cut out most of her pieces and sewed them all together without any help at all.  And pressed it all herself.  Well done H.

R is 9 and has never used a sewing machine before Friday.   We took the foot pedal off, because her feet didn't quite reach the floor, but after only a couple of demonstrations, she remembered exactly how to start and stop and feed the fabric through the machine.  I cut out a Gecko from felt for R to sew on to her quilt.  Well done R. 

And.... in case you were wondering - here is a corner of Well Travelled - I have finished quilting the four borders and just need to trim to shape and bind..... ha ha - another day's work!!

Here's some quilting on one of the squares.

...and some quilting on another block.

If you are visiting Harrogate Quilt Show next weekend look out for my quilt in the Group section.  I'll be there on the Sunday if you want to say hi!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Guess who?????

.... is learning to quilt?????
Still no idea?
Look what my secret quilting student has achieved after her first quilting lesson - and the FIRST time she has used a sewing machine too might I add!

Look how perfectly matched these corners are!
And just a quick update on the quilt for the Harrogate show - I have almost finished quilting the fourth square (out of nine).  I am not sure what to do on the sashing, but I may leave it in such a way that if I run out of time I don't need to do anything at all!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ready for quilting....

... and in reply to the comment on the last post -  I bought the red and white safety pin fabric from Intown Quilters in Decatur, GA.  I also bought it in black and white too.

Green quilt centre bottom row is my little quilt hanging at the museum for our regional display of rainbow quilts.
This is the circular seagull quilt all sewn together and layered up ready for quilting - and yes it's got to be ready to take to Harrogate on Tuesday 30th August!!!

With a bit of additional piecing I made the backing big enough to fit

I started making this ages ago for the children's hospice that our quilting group is donating quilts to.  It is now layered up and ready to quilt.

My little friend H started this at school and finished it last week.

It's a double faced monster this is the smiley side - the previous photo showed the broken hearted side.