Monday, 30 January 2012

Christmas quilt - finished at last!

Made from Christmas fabric, which I needed to use up - the quilt was made from 4 squares of fabric, sliced into random quarters, then stitched together.  The quilting is a holly leaf in each section of each square. Need a close up of that!
This quilt was started a couple of years ago - the first year I pieced the top, the second year I quilted it and this Christmas I sewed on the binding.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Went to a Gillian Travis workshop at the weekend - based on her Washday Blues quilt, we all did a house each.  ('We' being the Embroiderers Guild Halifax Branch).  A highly recommended tutor - try get on one of her workshops if you can - she also teaches in Europe.

The workshop was entitled Burano Houses and these are in Venice. I changed the design of mine slightly and put a little black cat in the upstairs window.

Here's a close up of the upstairs washing - just needs stitching now - everything is stuck down.

This is the washing downstairs.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Happy New Year....

.... a bit late, but never mind - we've been busy.

Has finished her log cabin and flying geese quilt.  A is new to quilting and has just started hers - have a look to see what they have done...

H sews her binding on...

Binding finished!

Check out the fabulous hand stitching!!  Well sorry, you can't see the stitches can you!  That is so neat H - well done!
First quilt lesson for A - she's getting to grips with the rotary cutting!
A finishes her log cabin for the centre of her little quilt.
Tinkerbell just likes to check that everyone is sewing quarter inch seams!  Particularly as the radiators have just come on!
Finally bought a picture hook to hang this on the wall - I made this for my city and guilds in October 2009.  It's called Tea with Clarice and is based on a teacup design of Clarice Cliffe and the designs in each section are taken from her tableware designs.  Apologies if I have shown you this before!