Sunday, 28 October 2012

Yorkshire Modern Quilt Guild

Went to the first meeting of Yorkshire Modern Quilt Guild yesterday - there's a blog for them which is here

The definition of 'Modern Quilting' is that it is both useful and easy to achieve.  The idea is that someone will look at it and say 'ooooh I could do that!'

We were shown how to make table mats in a modern style.  I took my Halloween fabric and made two on the day and another since....

Cutting the strips 2 inches wide

The first mat pieced and layered ready to quilt...

and ditto with the second

The pumpkin fabric is for the backing

Quilting in straight lines- dead easy!  You don't get a closeup of that because they are not all very straight!!

Someone mentioned mock piped binding and I found a tutorial and had a go.  You can find the tutorial here

How cute is that?  And ALL machine sewn.

These are the pieces cut and partly sewn for the mat to go on top of the bookcase.


The quilting took a whole 20 minutes to complete!!!!!

One mat finished!

Two mats finished!

Three mats finished!

A closeup of the fabrics used.  The black cats on green and the white line pumpkins to the left were lovely presents from my DS and DDIL who came over recently.  Most of the others I bought in America when I visited them last year (in fact this week last year!).

The backing is Dia de los Meurtos fabric which I bought from  a few years ago.

All ready for my Dia de los Meurtos display (which may have to wait for another year - ha ha)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

20 October 2012

Today would have been my baby brother's 58th birthday.  RIP Dave xx.  I started this blog in Dave's memory 4 years ago today in 2008.

Here's a quick look at the oak tree project  - 6 acorns which were from my brother's oak tree were planted on his birthday 4 years ago - two germinated and are alive and well and living in a plant pot on my decking.....

 Today I went to the Contemporary Quilters Yorkshire Branch.... and we did lino cutting - well, its not lino these days, but plastic.....
This was my little sample piece, mainly just to see how the tools work and have a go at cutting it. 

And this it my print on fabric - how fabulous is that?  I am very excited by this technique.  I can't believe I have had these tools for over 30 years and NEVER tried them before today.

I then had a go at printing on paper........

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vivien's Village Workshop

Last Saturday went to a workshop by Vivien Finch and we made Vivien's Village.  It was a fun workshop and Vivien showed us how to stitch a town house block in the morning and in the afternoon we could choose which building to make.

This is the town house that we made first - all pieced - except the round window!

The start of the row of terraced houses.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Rainforest - only 10 years late

I bought the Fall 2002 Quiltmaker magazine with a view to making the quilt on the front cover....

It's foundation pieced and embellished with buttons.  And the cat likes to help with the photography.
Here is a details of the top left corner
Ariel view

It took 10 years to collect all the fabrics for this quilt.  I did make a small part of it in 2002 as a Christening gift, and then borrowed it again for my exhibition in 2003.

I had to decide which blue border to use - the one on the left is the one I chose

a detail of the snake with applique head and tail

Detail of top right.  I am going to hang the quilt at the top of my stairs - it actually only just fits - I didn't measure it, so that was lucky!  But there's still a long way to go before it is hangable.

 a random crazy square for a different project.....

Friday, 5 October 2012

EG inchies ....

Embroidery guild tonight....

We were each given a tiny bag with felt and other little bits in and could either make a twinchie or some inchies
To view others that were made go to