Friday, 10 September 2010

Lovely Lutrador

The lutrador project is going well - I met my friend at Harrogate and she greeted me with apologies that she hadn't had time to do her lutrador piece.... so here is mine (it's normally me who doesn't get things done!!). Inspiration taken from a little book I bought at Birmingham about 1950s textiles.


My DS went to a wedding the other week and I asked what he'd bought them - hmmm .... nothing!! So I thought they deserved a little something to mark the occasion....

I didn't realise there was a crease on the part where the name was until I took the photo - so I gave it a bit more of a press... and it looks better now. I shall upload another photo of that when the camera battery is recharged.

And here are a few photos showing the detail of the embroidery.... I do love feather stitch - can't imagine why it has been so long since I have done any embroidery. I am, however going to join the Embroiderer's Guild at their next meeting in Halifax at the beginning of October - so I may get some more embroidery done soon.

I knew it was a bad idea to take it to the pub to finish it off (knitting club!!) because I came back with orders for MORE!!