Saturday, 6 June 2009

City and Guilds 2nd year work

I have finally started my projects for the second year of City and Guilds Patchwork and quilting. Here is the top of the box which I am making - I have started on the sides and will put them on my blog soon. The design is from a photo taken at the end of my road and it has been stylised as Clarice Cliff. My son had painted me a picture when he was 12 showing the viaduct and the sun in those colours and style and I added to them to make to design for the box lid. It is stuck together using bondaweb and machine couched cotton knitting yarn along the joins. I have taken elements of the design to use for the sides of the lid. The base is going to be plain, but I haven't decided what colour yet.

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anthea said...

hi Davina. I adore your box lid. The colours that you use are wonderful. I was also very impressed when you showed me the sides of the box. I am plodding on with mine, I like it but I'm not sure its just what I wanted it to be. Anthea