Sunday, 27 March 2011

Post Atlanta

I'm home!!!! Had a lovely holiday in Atlanta Georgia, visiting quilt shows and quilt shops and teaching my daughter in law how to quilt - Sorry Darling Son you and the dog are now quilting widowers.

This is my daughter in laws first quilt!! It is now bound and completed - I'll have to get a photo of the finished quilt for my blog

I made this little quilt while I was staying with my DS and DIL, mainly to show some of the techniques. The fabric was from Jo-Ann's.

I also found a tutorial on the internet for this little zippered bag - I will have to see if I can find the link for the site..... but not tonight!

Catlanta's little kitty looks like he's going on a trip.......

... but is he ready to fly?????

... he's got his passport - though how he managed to get hold of a British one I'll never know - maybe his mum knows something we don't!!

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