Saturday, 26 November 2011

800 Page views.....

I'll have to think of something exciting for the 1000 page views... watch this space (or rather watch my blog!)

Now here is a little quilted postcard.... at Embroiderers Guild we were given TOGO as our country - each group was given a country that is participating in the Olympic Games London 2012 - we have to make an embroidered postcard (6" x4") using the colours of the Togo flag which are yellow, red and green.  I chose the logo of Djanta Kan - the best Togolese hip hop band 2004 and 2005.  Their music is a fusion of African folk music and rap and they regularly represent Togo in international festivals.  So now after your cultural education here is the postcard.... applique with machine quilting......

Close up of the wobbly lettering

And this is the back - all machined

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