Saturday, 12 January 2013

Embroiderers guild play day

We occasionally have 'playdays' where we use inspiration from an artist to do our own thing roughly in the style of (although looking at everyone's work, you wouldn't think any of us were working from the same inspiration!!).  This time we chose the work of Angie Lewin who does incredibly interesting woodcuts.  This is what I achieved after a whole day...... 

I painted some backgrounds with acrylic paint and then using my home made funky foam stamps stamped ovals on the backgrounds, with the idea of adding stitch to make them look like Cow Parsley.  The two on the bottom right were done with a paper stencil to look a bit like silver birch trees - a background often used by AL.
I wanted to have another go at lino cutting, but only had REAL lino and not the easy cut stuff I had used before, but managed to cut some of it out before the end of the day.
If you have a look at Halifax Branch of the Embroiderers Guild on Facebook you can see what the others did.  I tried to do a link, but I think it just goes to MY facebook page - probably not a good idea!!

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