Monday, 1 April 2013

Just Teasing ......

Here is my basket (a gift from a friend with mini workshop to make the fabric cover) which I have had for a year (or is it two?)  There's a lot to finish off...... WHOOPS it was 28 May 2011 that I posted a photo of the basket my friend made!!
Block of the month for March from little H. 
 Thanks, H for helping me to eat my belated birthday cake... you can have a look at it over on More Apple Tree Crafts
My block of the month
On Sunday I visited my friend for a Sunday Sewing Session and I laid out my HST quilt - but then decided I need to lay it out at home and leave it there until it's all sewn up, so I put it away!  And we mainly chatted and drank coffee!  But J very kindly gave me some scraps to start making a zippered pouch.... photo?  No!
Here is the finished basked cover

Detail of the pockets and ribbon ends

The stripy cover will keeps all my goodies from falling out

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