Sunday, 17 March 2013

International Quilting Day.... was yesterday!

...... and we all had a great time in Barnsley - many thanks to Janet for organising such a fantastic sewing day.

The block lotto was lime green, black and white 12.5 inch square

Here are most of them - we have to vote for our favourite block and the winner got 9 squares to make a quilt then everyone else had the chance to win - Jean from one of the groups I go to won 9 blocks (containing her favourite and mine!) - am looking forward to seeing her finished quilt.

In the afternoon we sewed buttons on to a calico square - here is Janet's idea to get us inspired

NEXT YEAR - international quilting day is on Saturday 15 March 2014 - contact me if you would like details of the Barnsley event!  We raised over £1000 for the local hospice.

Christine is 60 - happy birthday and enjoy the mug rug!

Our friend J has breast cancer and I seemed to remember I had a pattern in a 2003 Patchwork magazine for the pillows (she was using two balls of yarn).

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linda said...

you pics are great i never took a photo of mine when i did it hope i have one on my camera from yesterday !!