Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Monday night is Mystery night....

... well it's not a mystery to me - because i have been asked to 'do' something for mystery night at Imperial Quilters on Monday 11 March 2013.... so I thought you might like to do it on here too.

Here is the list of requirements.......

Mystery night March 2013

Sewing needles
few pins
pencil (pref with eraser on end)

4 x 2-1/2 inch squares of cotton quilting fabric
   (3 x light or medium plain or small pattern)
   (1 x paler or light pink)
10 - 12 inch 1/8'' or 1/4'' ribbon
Toy stuffing (small amount - eg sandwich bag full)
2 x sewing thread - to match main fabric and black
2 x 1/4'' black/dark buttons (I coloured white ones with black marker pen)
  or 2 x black beads or black felt 

 Full instructions will be published next week - Monday or Tuesday... (depends what time I get back from Huddersfield!!)

Below is the progress of my half square triangle quilt.......
A box full of 360 half square triangle squares ready to sew into a quilt.  All trimmed to 3-1/2 inches
Happy Quilting
Davina =^.^=

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